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Benefits by Use Case

Asset inventory, CMMS, inventory management, decision-making: Citadel has a lasting impact on all aspects of asset management and maintenance.


See the Citadel Difference With Every Use.

Everything starts with the creation of a database in a few clicks, thanks to preconfigured modules designed for the municipal sector. You then benefit from an agile CMMS, efficient inventory management and, ultimately, a structured and predictable decision-making process.

With each use, lasting change takes place within your organization, and it becomes more proactive in meeting the challenges of tomorrow's municipalities.

One Solution, four Functions

Citadel is a multifunctional management platform that includes four main functions. They are interrelated and cover all municipal asset management needs.

Asset Inventory

Quickly create a universal database of all your assets and access it from anywhere, anytime.

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Get full visibility into your asset management and maintenance operations for greater agility and fewer headaches.

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Inventory Management

Manage the purchase, usage, tracking and renewal of all items and equipment in your inventory in just a few clicks.

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Decision-Making Tools

Use business intelligence to make fact-based decisions and finally get predictable results.

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Improve your Management at All Levels.

Citadel's agile asset management delivers gains at all levels of the municipal organization, from operations to management, technical services, coordination and administration.  

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