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Who are we?

Citadel is a story of three passionate individuals who revolve around the municipal world, fond of the regions of Quebec and addicted to technological advances.


Three Expertise, One Passion

Citadel is the result of a collaboration between three passionate individuals from different but complementary sectors; civil engineering, user experience and municipal digital transformation. During our respective journeys, we all witnessed a certain disorganization in the municipal asset management system. This lack of structured processes results in wasted time, money and efficiency, as well as intuitive decision-making with approximate results.

We cofounded EIM7, the company behind Citadel, to put our expertise to work for the benefit of our cities and municipalities.

Our mission? To offer each municipal authority a powerful and accessible software that allows them to easily manage their assets and thus develop their autonomy. The partnership is based on joint development and listening to their real needs, and is enhanced by the personalized guidance of technical support experts.

A 100% Quebec solution developed for our municipalities.

Citadel is the Solution. 

Citadel reinvents asset management for cities across Quebec. They become more agile, more autonomous and can finally adopt a long-term vision. Moving from reactive to proactive mode, their decisions turn towards sustainable choices, where prosperity, the environment and the citizen take their rightful place.

For the environment

Other than the actions and choices we make as individuals, the EIM7 team has chosen to reduce the company's overall ecological footprint via Citadel.

Indeed, although indirectly, the use of Citadel has a current and future impact on the environment and sustainable development. Sound asset management means reduced cost of service, improved stability of service despite staff changes, better work allocation and reduced equipment disposal.

Our values

Active Listening

Active listening is a fundamental value that allows us to fully understand your needs. We take pride in fully understanding your reality, the problems you experience on a daily basis and the issues you face in order to provide you with a customized solution aligned with your objectives.


We advocate collaborative work between all stakeholders: cities, third-party technology partners and research chairs. We are actively involved in various collaborative projects, committed to taking part in the digital shift of Quebec municipalities and helping to create a better future for all.


Our openness to others is reflected both in our corporate philosophy and in our actual practice. We are open to new ideas, suggestions from users and contributions from other developers. This is also why Citadel meets high standards of interoperability to ensure its interconnection with third-party software.


Innovation is at the core of our corporate culture. Our desire to continually improve pushes us to develop a platform that evolves with your changing needs and challenges. On the lookout for the latest technological advances, we are driven by your specific requests so that we can surpass ourselves every day.


We value our ability to support you and to be available when you need us, whether it is for technical assistance or advice regarding your asset management. You are more than just our clients, you are our partners and we are committed to your success, because it is our success too!

Simon Riopel, PMP, PSM

Chief Project Manager - Cofounder


David Beauséjour, ing.

Chief Technology Officer - Cofounder


Mathieu Fournier

Director of Marketing and Partnerships - Cofounder


Louis-Félix Tessier

Chief Technology Officer  


Interested in Joining the Team?

Do you identify with our philosophy, our vision and our corporate values? We would like to hear from you! The first step to join the Citadel adventure is to send us your application to info@citadelapp.com.

See you soon!