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Asset Inventory

Quickly create a universal database of all your assets and access it from anywhere, anytime.

One, Two, Three... Stock Up!

Easy to use, Citadel is ready to receive all your data types, thanks to its preconfiguration including all categories of municipal assets. You can start creating your database from day one, from your office or in the field, without having to go through extensive training.

Add and modify any type of asset

Easily position and modify all types of assets on the map, whether point, linear or surface.

Quick search

Easily find all your assets through intuitive searches, filters and categorizations.

Key management

Manage and control the number of keys and key holders in circulation.

Departments tree structure

Classify assets according to the services and departments to which they belong.

Benefits of an asset inventory with Citadel:

  • Reduced setup time and learning curve
  • User-friendly data addition in three different ways
  • Import from a computer file
  • Field survey carried out in-house (with the mobile application)
  • Field survey carried out by an external firm
  • Standardization and centralization of all information related to municipal assets and their maintenance
  • All Citadel users have access to the database at any time, from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based hosting, independent of the municipality's IT infrastructure
  • Optimize the work of the teams in the field by making stored information accessible in mobile version, such as plans, sketches, photos, operation manuals, etc.
  • Increased autonomy in asset management by reducing reliance on other city teams and outside firms
  • Reduced negative impacts from turnover with secure inventory including usage history
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Your Citadel database is accessible at any time, from any computer or mobile device.

See the difference with each use.

Cidatel makes a sustainable change at every stage of your asset management.

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