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Citadel benefits from a hyper-secure cloud infrastructure hosted in Canada and under continuous monitoring.


With Citadel, your Data is Safe

Data protection is a priority at EIM7 and we take this responsibility very seriously. A process of continuous improvement and monitoring is applied systematically, including regular system security testing, internal audits and the production of reports and metrics to guide our decisions.

We have several processes in place for the secure management of our infrastructure, such as the continuous updating of our environments, the use of password managers and multi-factor authentication to the cloud infrastructure.

Data privacy

Ensuring data privacy means preventing data theft and the exposure of confidential data to unauthorized persons.

We have implemented rigorous access rights management, tried and tested authentication methods, as well as encryption of communications with our applications and data servers. 

Our handling of personal data is governed by our privacy policy.

Data integrity

Ensuring data integrity means guarding against data loss and corruption. 

We follow several security processes, including automated data backup, automated cloud threat detection, and server access protection using a firewall and virtual private network (VPN).

Data availability

Ensuring data availability means keeping our services accessible from anywhere, at any time. 

To achieve this, we have implemented several processes, such as a disaster recovery system with redundancy between two geographic regions in Canada and continuous monitoring of our services.