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What is Citadel?

Citadel is a software solution for asset management and maintenance designed specifically for municipalities and cities in Quebec.


A CMMS Tailored to the Municipal Sector

Citadel simplifies the management and maintenance of all types of assets on your territory, from maintenance equipment to parks and infrastructure. It allows you to collect and analyze all your data and make it available to every stakeholder, anywhere and anytime.

Citadel's flexible configuration scales to fit your different city departments, regardless of their size or current level of connectivity. Highly customizable, it perfectly accommodates the needs and roles of each user. Our customized training reduces the learning curve for new users and increases the engagement of your work teams. 

Leverage your Municipality's Assets.

All of your assets have value, be it financial, social, environmental or cultural. Citadel empowers you with the knowledge and control to make informed investment decisions that will increase that value.

Quebec municipalities have major organizational objectives, such as providing better services to citizens, developing sustainable and safe infrastructure and implementing environmental protection measures. Citadel provides a paradigm shift by allowing them to be more proactive in achieving these objectives while demonstrating sound public financial management.

Our satisfied users become our best advertisement.

From the start of our collaboration, it is clear that Citadel is continuously improving and that we are benefiting from the ideas contributed by other municipalities. We feel that our comments and suggestions contribute to the evolution of the solution. It's a win-win situation!

Jeannoé Lamontagne
Executive director

During the implementation of Citadel, the team's good understanding of data structuring in the municipal environment greatly facilitates the process.

Éric Bégin, Coordinator
Planning division

First of all, the Citadel team is dynamic and friendly! On a more serious note, it is clear that they have a good knowledge of the municipal domain and the reality on the ground, which helps us in our asset management approach. We feel their commitment to guide us in improving our operations, to facilitate our work and to support us in our digital transition.

Julie Maurice
Executive director

The Citadel team has a very human approach that gives us confidence. They accompany us at each step with a great availability.

Élie Marsan-Gravel
Technical services director

Citadel's team is very efficient, attentive to our needs and open to constantly improving the platform. We appreciate the ease of use of the platform, its user-friendly design and the quality of the coaching offered by the team.

Caroline Aubertin
Executive director