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Get full visibility into your asset management and maintenance operations for greater agility and fewer headaches.

Shift From Reactive to Proactive Mode.

Citadel facilitates the management of computer-assisted maintenance (CMMS). Through a global vision of your different follow-ups concerning maintenance operations, maintenance history, purchases, work teams and OHS rules, you greatly reduce your mental load and become more agile to face unexpected events.

Maintenance templates

Define templates for your corrective and preventive maintenance using maintenance plans.

Management of interventions

Organize and manage your work orders efficiently with categories and filters.

Management of work teams

Divide your resources into work teams and assign responsibilities to work orders to ensure follow-up.

Field Planning Calendar

Share with your field team their task assignments and work schedules.

Benefits of CMMS with Citadel

  • Improved preventive maintenance through, among other things, the reduction of maintenance oversights
  • Improved warranty tracking
  • Improved monitoring of OHS rules: enclosed spaces, padlocking, etc.
  • Tracking of maintenance history and asset ownership costs
  • Decreased reliance on individual employees' knowledge and, therefore, the negative impacts of turnover
  • Quick reorganization of operations during an unforeseen event
  • Effective monitoring of the workload of field teams to facilitate decisions to hire additional staff or purchase new equipment
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Citadel reduces managers' mental burden by providing them with an accurate picture of the status of all their assets.

See the difference with each use.

Cidatel makes a sustainable change at every stage of your asset management.

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