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Welcome to your Community of Practice!

Citadel is also a dynamic community of practice gathered around common interests, such as CMMS, asset management, the digital shift and, above all, the future of our lovely Quebec municipalities.

We fuel the discussion with relevant content, such as highlights, polls, project votes, articles, webinars. Equipped with a newsletter, a posting platform and social media, we engage in conversation with you, hoping that your voices will join ours and that, together, we will contribute to the growth of our practices.

Citadel is a professional community

where you can interact with other municipal stakeholders, consolidate your expertise and develop new knowledge.


Citadel is your Community!

Join the conversation on our various platforms and have your voice heard. It is through constructive exchanges that we will keep this community of practice alive and inspiring.  

Together, let's foster a culture of experts on municipal issues!