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Why Citadel?

Citadel's developers have significant experience in municipal management: they understand the challenges municipalities face.


Meeting the Needs of Municipalities is our Purpose

Our experience in municipal management has led us to two conclusions: most municipalities do not have the benefit of centralized, autonomous asset management, and as a result, they cannot effectively forecast their operations and budgets.  

As a result, we have developed a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use asset management tool, targeted to meet the needs of municipalities, no matter how varied. Our long-term objective is to help municipalities manage their assets in a sustainable manner to ensure the best possible future for future generations, while respecting their capacity.

Citadel Adapts to the Size of your Organization.

All of Quebec's municipalities and cities must have access to high-performance technological tools in order to adopt best practices in asset management. However, they all have very different needs, expertise and resources.

Citadel is the perfect answer to this complex situation: it fully adapts to the size of each organization, from small rural municipalities to large cities.

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Get Access to an Efficient CMMS Tool.

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is essential for planning maintenance operations, as it provides an overview of past, current and future operations. It facilitates managing preventive maintenance and extends the life of assets.

Citadel keeps a full history of maintenance and costs: it allows you to make quick and informed decisions about replacing your assets.

Experience Lasting Effects on All Levels.

Citadel optimizes all aspects of asset management and maintenance operations.

  • Creation and expansion of a database containing all types of assets, with ease
  • Centralization and updating of all your asset data (intervention plan, PIIRL, GIS, Excel, and more)
  • Instant access to an asset's entire life cycle maintenance history, either in the office or in the field
  • Improvement of the durability of your equipment and infrastructure
  • A more efficient management of your teams and your maintenance operations (CMMS)
  • Decrease in problems related to employee turnover and loss of information
  • Improved budget management and predictability of future investments
  • Easier maintenance planning and decision-making
  • Improvement of the living environment and the quality of services offered to your citizens
  • Adoption of a sustainable development approach and ensuring a better future for generations to come

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