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Decision-Making Tools

Use business intelligence to make fact-based decisions and finally get predictable results.

Follow a Structured Decision-Making Process.

The Citadel platform is a true Decision Support System (DSS) designed to help municipal managers and leaders make relevant decisions. Rely on analytical tools built on selected indicators tailored to municipal asset management decision-making.

Monitoring and control

Take the right action at the right time and place with real-time and historical values that fluctuate over time.


Make informed decisions with an overview of the metrics and indicators that matter most to you.

Asset status at a glance

Get a quick and accurate overview of the status of your assets in your territory directly from the map.

Prevention and cost savings

Plan the necessary budgets with a 360 view and an accurate picture of the upcoming interviews.

Benefits of Citadel's decision support tools

  • Conversion of raw data into understandable, high value-added information for decision-making
  • Performance indicators that allow managers to monitor the evolution of activities and their efficiency
  • Steering indicators enabling operational managers to assess the quality and productivity of operations
  • Decision-making based on reliable information that includes a comprehensive history, rather than on perceptions and hunches
  • Standardization of decision-making by following a clear and reliable methodological process
  • Adoption of a preventive and proactive decision-making style, instead of a reactive one
  • Optimization of investments and use of public funds and, consequently, improvement of services to citizens
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Highly customizable

Citadel helps managers make better decisions based on their reality.

See the difference with each use.

Cidatel makes a sustainable change at every stage of your asset management.

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