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Inventory Management

Manage the purchase, use, tracking and renewal of all items and equipment in your inventory in just a few clicks.

Stay in Control of your Inventory.

More than a simple database, Citadel allows you to manage your inventories of equipment parts and various items with amazing simplicity. Increase your efficiency and save time and money by always having the right part on hand for your repairs and maintenance. 

Inventory and stock status

Keep track of your inventory to ensure proper quantity management.

Multi-site management

Be informed of the status, quantity and location of your inventory across all your storage locations.

Receipt of order

Simplify your inventory management with order receipt tools.

Travel management

Manage the movement of stock in and out of your territory.

Benefits of inventory management with Citadel

  • Greater control of inventory quantities through efficient tracking of inventory receipts and issues
  • Real-time traceability: tracking inventory usage and the assets for which it was used
  • Notification of diminishing stocks to be renewed
  • Tracking of item acquisition cost and average cost for multiple orders
  • Association of each item and its cost to a maintenance
  • Verification of the availability of required parts prior to maintenance and location of available parts in stock warehouses
  • Improved supplier management
  • Remote monitoring of parts and quantities available in store
  • Follow-up of the reception of orders

See the difference with each use.

Cidatel makes a sustainable change at every stage of your asset management. 

Learn about the benefits of asset inventory