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Our Approach

Our human approach is based on listening and collaborative work, making the digital shift accessible to all municipalities.  


We Accompany you from Start to Finish.

We have successfully deployed Citadel in municipalities and cities of all sizes. Our understanding of the challenges that Quebec municipalities face today allows us to accompany each of them towards an efficient digital asset management, according to their specific objectives and needs.

Regardless of your level of connectivity, our experts are here to listen and support you in managing the change within your teams. We spare no effort to make this transition period smooth and, above all, enjoyable. We advocate collaborative work and continuous improvement, because your success is also our success!

The steps to take

No matter how connected you are, our experts are there to support you in managing change within your teams.

Step 1 / Project Preparation

This first step is crucial to the success of the project. It allows us to develop a phased implementation strategy that includes performance indicators that will be used to ensure effective monitoring of the work.

  1. Understanding your Needs
    The very first step in our collaboration is to listen to what you have to say. We can then understand the issues your municipality is facing as well as your short, medium and long-term needs. We will then recommend the best way to use Citadel according to your objectives and needs, but also to the size of your organization and its specificities.
  2. Targeting Priorities for Project Planning
    Our team has successfully deployed Citadel in cities and municipalities of all sizes. Targeting priorities according to your objectives will allow us to develop a roadmap with clearly defined milestones. We understand that the implementation of such a computer system involves a series of internal changes. This is why we will accompany you throughout the development of the project plan in order to minimize the impact of these changes.
  3. Identifying Future Users
    We will advise you on how to implement effective change management. Citadel is a working tool that will be used by several stakeholders within your municipality. By identifying all the potential users, you will be able to involve the right people at the right time, taking into account their expectations from the beginning. This approach promotes the commitment of everyone to the new work methods, a key element in ensuring the success of the project.
  4. Joining a Community of Practice
    With Citadel, you are never left on your own. All municipalities have similar issues. We encourage cooperation through collaborative tools that promote intermunicipal learning. By joining the Citadel community, you will be in contact with other users. You will have the opportunity to discuss your common issues and find out what solutions they have implemented on their side, then advise them in return and contribute to your organization's outreach.

Step 2 / Implementation of Citadel

Our IT experts and trainers will follow the implementation plan, taking into account the speakers' schedules, their level of computer literacy and a comprehensive change management strategy.

  1. System Configuration
    Citadel is preconfigured to meet the needs of municipalities and organizations that own a number of assets in a given territory.  Throughout the implementation of the system, our team will adjust the configuration of the software according to the specificities of your municipality and your needs defined during the preparation of the project, whether by customizing asset forms or adding specific user roles.
  2. Asset Inventory Creation
    It is now time to create your asset inventory by entering data. We will work with you in a series of collaborative workshops to determine the top priorities for data entry so that you can quickly reach your first goals. We will help you speed up the import of your existing data with our automated processes to transform more than 450 data formats and integration with many other data sources.
  3. Training
    Our individualized training approach helps to significantly reduce the learning curve for each user. We are available to provide targeted training to your work teams on the features they will be using, either at your office or via video conference. All users also have 24/7 access to an online help and a support platform

Step 3 / Guidance and Support

Our support team is highly available, committed to the success of your project and highly skilled, ensuring that each request is handled quickly.

  1. Change Management
    Good change management in digital transformation significantly reduces staff resistance to new ways of working. We will continue to be present after the implementation of Citadel to ensure that your work teams perceive the transformation as an opportunity, not an additional burden, so that they adhere to the project as much as possible. This way, everyone will be actively involved, and your organization will achieve its goals.
  2. Continuous Development
    Continuous improvement, collaboration and innovation are among our core values. We are committed to constantly evolving Citadel to meet your changing needs and challenges. We encourage our clients to suggest new features and functionality to us, based on a collaborative development approach. Our agile software development cycle is the basis of our continuous improvement process and allows us to ensure frequent updates.
  3. Technical Support
    Our Citadel customer support service includes both functional and technical support. Our team of technical support experts is highly available and unwavering in their commitment to provide you with exceptional service. Our support request management platform allows you to track your request from the moment it is logged into our system until it is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Professional Services

The Citadel team is able to offer you a wide range of services throughout the implementation process.

Consulting and Coaching Services

  • Definition of needs
  • Business and functional process analysis
  • Definition of the organizational asset structure (departments)
  • Identification of intervention categories and preventive maintenance ranges

  • Asset identification and validation of digitized data

  • Business intelligence

  • Survey of assets in the field

  • Project management

  • Mobilization and change management

  • User training

  • Technical support

IT Services

  • Technological and cloud infrastructure support
  • Data extraction, transformation, structuring, import and export
  • Database management and optimization
  • API development
  • Custom development
  • Interoperability with third-party system
  • IoT data integration
  • Software installation
  • Configuration