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Benefits by Department

Field operations, coordination, technical services, administration and general management: Citadel improves all municipal departments.


Modernize your Entire Organization.

Thanks to its ultra-secure cloud hosting, Citadel is a true knowledge keeper for all your asset management needs. You can develop your expertise in-house without hiring IT specialists and without fearing an employee leaving with undocumented essential knowledge.

When all your departments use Citadel, information exchange becomes smoother, your expertise grows internally and your work teams gain in autonomy.

Gains at All Levels

Asset management with Citadel brings agility and efficiency to all teams in the municipal organization, from operations to management, technical services, coordination and administration.


Have all the essential tools for your field operations right at your work site, no matter where it is located.

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Be proactive in managing your teams with a 3600 view of asset status and field operations.

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Technical Services

Store and use the data you need to do your job efficiently, easily and independently.

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Management and Administration

Make the best possible decisions for the sustainability of your municipality and the quality of life of your citizens.

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Points Points
En vedette

Citadel reduces managers' mental burden by providing them with an accurate picture of the status of all their assets.

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Citadel is a multifunctional management platform that includes four main functions. They are interrelated and cover all municipal asset management needs.

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