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Proactively manage your teams with a 360o view of asset status and field operations.

Increase your Leadership.

Citadel perfectly meets the needs of public works coordinators who want to move from reactive to proactive mode. In a few clicks, get an accurate picture of what's happening in the field, follow the evolution of your teams, evaluate their workloads, make sure your maintenance schedule is up to date. In short, reduce your mental load while increasing your efficiency.

Follow-up of interventions

Keep track of past, current and future work for better management of interventions.

Maintenance planning

Efficiently manage your future maintenance interventions with the tools for assigning managers and a planning calendar.

Asset status at a glance

Get a quick and accurate overview of the status of your assets in your territory directly from the map.

Warranty tracking

Track and manage service contracts and licenses based on warranty end dates before they expire.

Benefits for coordinators

  • Access to all the information needed in the field or in the office, from a mobile device or a computer: technical data, maintenance history, operating manuals, list of components, and more.
  • Quick access to comprehensive maintenance and cost history
  • Improved follow-up of preventive maintenance and annual inspections thanks to the reduction of oversights, among other things
  • Improved warranty tracking
  • Easy task planning and quick reorganization of operations in the event of an unforeseen event
  • Effective monitoring of the workload of field teams to assist in support decisions about hiring additional staff or purchasing new equipment
  • Increased productivity of the field teams under the coordinator's responsibility: easier information gathering, quick access to the required data, better follow-up of OHS rules, and more.
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Citadel reduces managers' mental burden by providing them with an accurate picture of the status of all their assets.

Improve your management at all levels.

Citadel's agile asset management delivers gains for every department in your organization.

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