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Technical Services

Efficiently store and use the data you need to do your job, easily and autonomously.

Get the Most Out of your Expertise.

Designed with a high level of interoperability and user-friendliness in mind, Citadel makes all relevant data accessible to geomatics specialists, technicians and municipal engineers in a matter of seconds. Develop your internal expertise without the need for specialized IT staff and improve your autonomy by following a structured decision-making process.

Mapping view of all your assets

Easily visualize and manage all types of assets on the map, whether point, linear or surface.

Maintenance templates

Define templates for your corrective and preventive maintenance using maintenance plans.

Spending History

Monitor and control your expenses.

Quick search

Easily find all your assets through intuitive searches, filters and categorizations.

Benefits for technical services

  • Access to all the information needed in the field from a mobile device: technical data, maintenance history, operating manuals, list of components, and more.
  • Reduced dependence on office teams for fieldwork
  • Simplified inventory taking with preconfigured asset cards
  • Improvement of data reliability, through the validation of all users who contribute to the database directly in the field
  • Interoperability of the platform with other systems to optimize the use of data
  • Cloud-based solution with no impact on the municipality's IT infrastructure
  • Easy to use without the need to hire specialized IT staff
  • Development of internal expertise in asset management that promotes organizational autonomy
  • Decision-making based on reliable information that includes a comprehensive history, rather than on perceptions and hunches
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Highly customizable

Citadel helps managers make better decisions based on their reality.

Improve your management at all levels.

Citadel's agile asset management delivers gains for every department in your organization.

View the benefits for management and administration.