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Management and Administration

Make the best possible decisions for the sustainability of your municipality and the quality of life of your citizens.  

Enrich your Decision-Making Process.

The Citadel multipurpose platform transforms raw data into standardized information. Easy to use, it provides municipal managers with comprehensive and synthesized information. Equip yourself with a structured decision-making process that will allow you to optimize the investment of public funds and improve the services offered to your citizens.

Integrated Google Street View

View your territory's assets remotely as if you were there with the street view.


Make informed decisions with an overview of the metrics and indicators that matter most to you.

All information in one place

Access all of an asset's past, present and future information in a single record.

Budget forecasting and control

Forecast and monitor budgets based on the costs of completed interventions in order to plan for future replacements.

Benefits for management and administration

  • Easy to use without the need to hire specialized IT staff
  • Cloud-based solution with no impact on the municipality's IT infrastructure
  • Interoperability of the platform with other systems to optimize the use of dat
  • Comprehensive view of the state of the current asset base and future changes
  • Standardization of data processing in order to harmonize the information of all asset families, for an easier follow-up
  • Development of internal expertise in asset management that promotes organizational autonomy
  • Standardization of decision-making by following a clear and predictable methodological process
  • Decision-making based on reliable information that includes a comprehensive history, rather than on perceptions and hunches

Improve your management at all levels.

Citadel's agile asset management delivers gains for every department in your organization.

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