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Have all the essential tools for your field operations right at your work site, no matter where it is located. 

Increase your Efficiency.

Cloud-based and easy to use, Citadel is designed to meet the specific needs of public works operators in the field. Quickly store important information and find the data you need in just a few clicks. No more call waiting, no more endless searching, no more trips to the office.

Geopositioning of assets

Locate and geoposition your assets directly in the field using your mobile device.

Quick search

Easily find all your assets through intuitive searches, filters and categorizations.

Notes and documentation

Keep track of and document your asset records by adding photos, notes or plans.

Meter reading

Read in one click any meter directly on the field.

Benefits for field operators

  • Access to all the information needed in the field from a mobile device: technical data, maintenance history, operating manuals, list of components, and more.
  • Visualization of all assets on a map thanks to geolocation
  • Quick information retrieval from a phone or tablet
  • Partage facile des informations connues, mais non documentées, avec tous les membres de l’équipe
  • Elimination of counterproductive activities, such as duplication of work or fixing equipment that must be replaced in the short term
  • Improved monitoring of OHS rules
  • Increased sense of belonging and professional accomplishment through respect for field expertise

Improve your management at all levels.

Citadel's agile asset management delivers gains for every department in your organization.

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