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Step A : Collect and Centralize your Data.

Citadel's preconfiguration and intuitive use allows you to easily create and manage your asset inventory.

Streamline your Data Collection.

The Citadel platform is preconfigured to handle the most common assets in the municipal sector and its database is continuously updated.

You can add an asset from your mobile device in a matter of seconds. You can expand this data over time, according to your priorities, by adding historical and financial information or by attaching a plan, a sketch or an operation manual.

The Citadel centralized database is capable of storing information on all of your assets and eliminates the need for siloed work by your various municipal departments.

Our team will help you import data from other systems, such as Excel spreadsheets or geomatics software. Moreover, we can configure an automatic data synchronization so that Citadel becomes part of your IT ecosystem.

Inventory taking

Make it easy to take inventory of your assets in the field with the mobile app and pre-configured forms tailored to the municipal sector.

Data accessible from anywhere

View and manage your complete asset inventory, both in the field and in the comfort of your office.

Add and modify any type of asset

Easily position and modify all types of assets on the map, whether point, linear or surface.

Geopositioning of assets

Locate and geoposition your assets directly in the field using your mobile device.

Citadel allows you to index all types of assets:

  • Vehicles and equipment,
  • Buildings and infrastructure,
  • Building components,
  • Water lines,
  • Works of art,
  • Fire hydrants,
  • Game modules,
  • Parks, green spaces, trees,
  • And more.

Remain in Control of your Data.

The data you enter in Citadel is 100% owned by you. You can export them easily, without restrictions and without the intervention of our team. 

You are thus in full control of your data, and you ensure their continuity in a reliable, secure and accessible system.

Do you have a comprehensive asset inventory?

Once your database is well populated, everyone involved can access the information they need in just a few clicks. This is Step B!

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