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Étude de cas 22.05.01

Town of Bromont


The Context

Located in the Eastern Townships in the Brome-Missisquoi MRC, Bromont occupies a territory of approximately 115 km2 and serves a population of over 11,000 citizens. In 2019, having reached a certain level of maturity in asset management, the town decided to acquire an asset management software through a public tender. 

The Project and its Objectives

The City hopes to implement a comprehensive solution for the management of all its asset types. More specifically, it aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Consolidate information from all of its asset types into one database, accessible by a computer or mobile device;
  • Enable data collection with a mobile solution;
  • Ensure interoperability between existing systems (GIS) and the new asset management software;
  • Implementing maintenance management processes (CMMS);
  • Document the life cycle history of each asset;
  • Be able to rely on indicators to monitor the level of service by asset and by asset class.

The Challenge

No IT solution available on the market at the time offered all the specific features requested by the City, not even Citadel.

The Solution

Because of its design philosophy based on evolutionary development, Citadel was the best solution. Listening to the City's needs, the development team adapted the software by implementing new functionalities so that it would meet the requirements in every respect.

Several functionalities have been added or optimized in close collaboration with the City, including the possibility of integrating the territory's orthoimagery into Citadel's cartography.

The Citadel team worked closely with the City to define a timeline for completion that included:

  • Data structuring and importing;
  • Staff training;
  • Defining the objectives and the steps to achieve them according to a change management philosophy;
  • Codevelopment of features to be added or optimized.

The Result

The Town of Bromont maintains an asset management and CMMS software that meets its specific needs.

Today, we are still working with the city to continue its digital transformation with its field teams and optimize its operations monitoring processes.