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Étude de cas 22.05.26

Municipality of Saint-Esprit


The Context

Located at the heart of Lanaudière in the Montcalm MRC, Saint-Esprit occupies a territory of approximately 55 km2 and serves a population of just over 2,000 citizens. The municipality has already implemented Citadel and has been using it for a few years. It now wishes to have a simple way to follow up on the compost bins distributed free of charge to the population. 

The administrative team of the municipality had the reflex to discuss its need with us, even if it is a "small" project.

The Project and its Objectives

Although compost bins are not considered municipal assets, but rather items that are not necessarily tracked on a life cycle basis, the administration hopes to track their distribution to prevent abuse. The objective of the project is simple: to implement an efficient and easy-to-use system to manage the distribution and procurement of compost bins.  

The Solution

Our support team has explained to the Municipality how to treat the bins as items and record the address of the distribution. It is a simple process to implement, but one that directly addresses their need.

The Result

In just a few clicks, the receptionist at the Municipality of Saint-Esprit can now track the bin distribution, remaining quantities and replenishment orders in Citadel's inventory module, without multiplying Excel worksheets.